EV Ranges

With Electric Vehicles beginning to gain popularity, I have built this site for a quick reference guide as to the best EV for range. You can also quickly check details such as price and battery size here.

Range is one of the most crucial issues when buying an EV as until recently it has been a serious limiting factor. With the advent of the Nissan Leaf, we saw EVs begin to overcome the range issue and nowadays there are EVs coming onto the market at a reasonable price with ranges well over 200 miles. For most people this is sufficient for day to day usage.

I will be updating this site and adding new vehicles as and when the become available. The ranges quoted are both the manufacturers figures and those achieved in "real world" conditions.

Make/Model Battery Range Real Range OTR Price
Hyundai Kona 64 Kwh 339 271 £29,295
Renault Zoe R110 40 Kwh 250 204 £23,995
Tesla Model X 351 281 £91,395
Nissan Leaf 40 Kwh 235 188 £22,795
Renault Zoe Q90 230 184 £24,495
VW e-Golf 186 149 £28,295
Hyundai Kona 39 Kwh 214 171 £24,995
Hyundai Ioniq 28 Kwh 174 140 £25,295
Nissan eNV200 174 139 £26,095
BMW i3 186 149 £29,795
Kia Soul 155 124 £25,795
Smart EQ fourtwo 99 79 £16,295

Whilst every care is taken to ensure the details above are correct, I can accept no liability for any errors or omissions.

The new Hyundai Kona has set a new benchmark for range and affordibality, with close to 300 miles in real world conditions from a 65 Kwh battery and under £30k on the road. Unfortunately supplies of the car are patchy, I tried to get a quote on one for a lease deal and was told they couldn't take any orders and it's not likely to be available for 10 months!